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"The energy I got after
using this product was

This product really made a change to my daily routine. I used to struggle for motivation and always hated working out. The energy I got after using this product was unbelievable! I didn't experience any negative side effects. Even though it gave me great energy during the day, I had no problem sleeping at night. My appetite decreased a good amount and I didn't have any cravings for junk food. Working out and eating healthy became a joy to me and I will continue using Body Fit!

- Alyssa

“I achieved
better results

by adding Body Sleek
to my exercise regimen.

I am a 50-year-old indoor cycling trainer and have been using Body Sleek for the past 90 days. I lift weights in addition to cycling, however I achieved better results by adding Body Sleek to my exercise regimen, losing unwanted inches and achieving better muscle tone. Thank you Femme Factor.

- Elizabeth S.

“Body Fit is by Far the

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- Sherrie N.


I enjoyed this product. I noticed a significant suppression of hunger in the morning and afternoon hours, where the afternoon ‘graze’ is usually a very big problem for me. I also noticed a steady, even feeling of energy throughout the day. There was no funky aftertaste when I swallowed the pills. I did not experience any uncomfortable side effects.

- Susan M.

I did not
side effects.

This product did not give me jitters or affect my mood. I was less hungry than usual. It provided energy to successfully complete my workouts. I did not experience side effects.

- Jennifer T.

“I’m now satisfied with
smaller meal portions!

After the first couple days of taking Body Fit, I noticed a change in my energy level. On workout days, I had more energy to extend my workouts to 2.5 hours with a good reserve to finish the rest of my day feeling energized and reinvigorated. It was even great on non-workout days; with the extra energy, I had to find things around the house and around the neighborhood to do to keep me moving! Instead of waiting for the bus to take me down the street, I would walk to the movies or walk a few blocks to visit a friend. My appetite is changing. I’m now satisfied with smaller meal portions!

- Mimi U.

“After just a week of
using Body Fit,
I saw results

Before using Body Fit, I hated working out. I would be tired after a long day of work and never go to the gym. I always used to give into food cravings as well. Every morning after taking Body Fit I felt energized and motivated to work out and eat healthy. I definitely worked out a lot harder and was able to stick to my diet. It curbed my appetite really well! After just a week of using Body Fit, I saw results; I had burned fat and felt great! This is a great product for women who struggle to stay motivated, and it had no negative side effects. I will continue to use Body Fit!

- Alicia A.

I burned fat
during my
trial week

I had a very positive experience with Body Fit! I had more noticeable energy when I took the supplement, and I was less hungry in between meals. I burned fat during my trial week, too! The instructions are easy, and it was nice to not have to pair it with a specific dietary plan. I would recommend Body Fit to a friend!

- Mary S.

“Body Fit was a
great way to
start my day!

Body Fit was a great way to start my day! I typically work out in the early mornings before work, and it gave me just the kick I needed to fight exhaustion and power throughout my workout. I never felt any unwanted side effects, and I thoroughly enjoyed the absence of ravenous food cravings. While taking Body Fit, I found it substantially easier to increase the length of my cardio activity, whereas typically it is a struggle. I have personally chosen to recommend this product to colleagues, friends, and family.

- Alexandra A.

“I thoroughly
enjoyed this

I thoroughly enjoyed this product! In addition to giving me a powerful boost of energy without crazy jitters, it suppressed my appetite. This was extremely productive during my busy work day where I waste time with frequent coffee runs and getting food. I would recommend this product to individuals looking for an extra kick of energy without harmful ingredients and side effects.

- Natalija U.

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